8 benefits of aromatherapy for your dog

8 benefits of aromatherapy for your dog | The Happy Jack Co

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that promotes health and well being through the use of natural plants extracts. It is also referred to as essential oil therapy. The concentrated aromatic scents can enhance both physical and mood health.

Aromatherapy has been in use for thousands of years, ancient cultures from China, India and Egypt, to name a few, have been incorporating the aromatic plant components into many of their natural remedies.


How does aromatherapy for dogs work?

Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell and skin absorption using products such as these:


What are the benefits of aromatherapy for dogs?

There are a range of benefits of aromatherapy for dogs from helping with separation anxiety, fear of fireworks and thunderstorms through to alleviating car sickness or just spending quality bonding time with your dog, as per the list below

  1. Reduce stress and agitation
  2. Calm and relax your dog
  3. Reduce anxiety and separation anxiety in your dog
  4. Promote feelings of wellbeing
  5. Mood enhancer 
  6. Alleviate car sickness and nausea
  7. Can help heal itches and irritations
  8. A natural solution for eliminating odours 


Things to avoid?

While aromatherapy is safe there are some things to be wary of, especially in dogs

  • Never apply undiluted oils to your dog (our blends are pre-diluted and specifically blended to be safe with dogs)
  • Always avoid eyes, ears and genitals
  • Do not use on puppies under 10 weeks or pregnant/nursing dogs
  • Dogs that have seizures or epilepsy
  • Avoid if your dog has a serious health condition or ask for advice from your vet

Note: we do not recommend using essentials oils with cats, as they have a different limbic system and cannot break down the oils. We advise getting professional advice from a qualified animal aromatherapist.


Dog getting aromatherapy massage


How to use aromatherapy with your dog

Our range of spritzer colognes have been developed to be safe to spray directly onto your dog (avoiding eyes and ears) and they are perfect to use in between baths, can be used to freshen up their bedding, clothing and shared spaces, they’re also excellent to clear the air of doggy farts.

Our range of essentials oils are pre-diluted and come in easy to use roller ball bottles, that are also small and convenient to take with you – they can also be used in our diffuser locket for aromatherapy on-the-go. Simply apply the oil liberally to your palms and first let the dog smell it, then gently massage into the back of the head behind the ears, onto the chest, belly (if the dog likes it) and fore legs. The oils are safe to be ingested (licked off) and can also be applied to your dog’s collars, bandanas, clothing and bedding, there is no fear of using too much.

How to use aromatherapy massage oils on your dog

If, at first, your dog seems averse to the scent do not force it, try wearing the scent yourself for a few day to get it accustomed to the smell.

Our aromatherapy massage oils are great for helping dogs with fear, separation anxiety, general anxiety and motion sickness but they are also a great way for you to spend quality bonding time with each other, perfect as a wind-down at the end of the day, it’s an experience that both you and your dog are sure to enjoy.

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