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Natural Dog Care supplies. The Happy Jack Co. Made with love in Australia
Made with love in Australia
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Dog skin, coat and dental care products made from all-natural and organic ingredients. Dog training treats made from premium Aussie and NZ produce. Dog toys, slow feeders, enrichment and dog supplements.

Only the best for your best friend!


Lip Smacking Dog Training Treats

Our Happy Snacks range of dog treats will have your dog jumping with health and happiness. Not only are they delicious, they are made from premium, nutrient-dense Aussie and NZ produce. They are grain, sugar and salt-free, with zero additives just 100% pure yumminess.

The perfect training treats for dogs of all breeds and sizes and dogs with food sensitivities.


Our story

Hi, we're Emily and Rusty, the dynamic duo behind our small family-owned and operated business.

Your dog's well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to crafting products that promote their health, happiness, and comfort in the most natural way possible.

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If you’re looking for a nutritious and high-reward treat for dogs look no further. Shark cartilage is a natural and easy way to help keep your dog's teeth gleaming, their joints limber and their overall well-being in tip-top shape. 
One of the most common signs of spring allergies in dogs is the incessant itching that drives them to scratch, chew and lick themselves. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at spring allergies, explore the symptoms to watch out for, and offer practical tips for managing and preventing these allergies.

During the winter months it's essential to ensure that our furry friends are well-prepared. Just like humans, dogs can experience dryness and discomfort in their noses and paw pads during this time. Find out if your dog would benefit from a natural nose and paw balm.