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BALMS - Tips & Toes and Ruff Skin Salvation

1. Are the balms safe if licked?
Yes, they are completely safe if licked, they only contain natural oils and wax and low percentage of essential oils. Having said that, there is always a small chance that your dog could be allergic to an ingredient. We also recommend that they don’t be used on puppies, pregnant of nursing dogs and dog’s that suffer seizures.

2. Why can't puppies, pregnant/nursing or dogs that suffer seizures use the balms?
The balms contain a low percentage of rosemary essential oil which can be a trigger for dog's that suffer seizures and is not recommended for pregnant dogs. With puppies under 10 weeks we prefer to err on the side of caution (if you do want to use the balm we would advise checking with your vet first).

3. Will it still work if my dog licks it?
It’s undeniable that plenty of dogs find it delicious and are likely to give it a good lick but because it contains wax it’s highly unlikely that they can entirely lick it all off. We do recommend distracting with a treat to allow it to absorb for a bit and in the case of the Tips & Toes balm you can always put your dog in socks.

4. Why should I apply a paw balm?
Keeping your dog’s paws moisturised and healthy will prevent them from excessively drying out which can lead to cracking and infection. Good paw health can also keep yeast overgrowths at bay.

5. How often should I apply?
Existing condition: If you’re a treating an existing condition, we recommend starting with 2-3 times per day and less frequently when improved.

Prevention: If you’re using to prevent a condition from coming back, once per day – 2-3 times per week should be enough. If you’re using as a preventative or as a pamper session for your dog 2-3 times per week or if your dog’s skin, paws or nose looks like it could do with some TLC.

6. My balm is hard and difficult to apply.
In winter the oils in the balms can solidify, simply scoop some out with your nail and rub between your fingers and it will become oily and easy to apply.

7. My balm is runny or soft.
In summer the oils may become more liquid, simply store in a cool place or pop in the fridge for a bit to let it firm up.

8. How long will the balm last?
The balms are made in small batches and have not been sitting on a shelf for a long time so they will last 6 months from purchase. The oils may start to separate and you may see small lumps, this is just the oils going solid. Simply scoop some out, rub the balm between your fingers and it will become oily and easy to use again.

9. Can you make the balms in a roll on or stick applicator because I get it on my hands?
No. A roll won’t work because the balm’s consistency may change with the weather and we’re also trying to be as plastic free as possible. We won’t put the balms in paper tubing because they can leak if they become too hot. Simply rub the excess balm into your hands, they are made from human-grade cosmetic ingredients and will keep your hands soft (that’s a free gift from us to you).