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Why paw balm is important for dogs

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Why paw balm is important for dogs - The Happy Jack Co

Like humans, dogs too can suffer from drying conditions the different seasons present. Allergies, genetics and yeast overgrowth can also lead to poor paw health. Prevention and maintenace of your dog’s paws will avoid unnecessary pain, infection and ongoing problems. It’s important to regularly check and maintain your dog’s paws to keep them healthy and protected. 

Signs that your dog may have paw damage and need paw balm

  1. Excessive licking
  2. Gnawing at the paws
  3. Red and inflamed between the paw pads
  4. Strong cheesy smell
  5. Dry, calloused or hairy looking

Types of dog paw damage

Seasonal damage

Although your dog’s paws are tough they’re susceptible to injury if they’re not properly maintained. During the summer months our dog’s paws are constantly exposed to hot surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt or hot sand. These surfaces draw moisture from their paws leaving them dry, and in extreme circumstances can lead to severe paw damage. 

Allergies and Yeast overgrowth in dog’s paws

Dog’s can suffer from allergies either from food or environmental factors such as grass. Diet can contribute towards a yeast overgrowth. Once yeast starts to build up your dog may lick and gnaw their paws, over-licking can cause fungal and bacterial infections.

Genetics and health conditions

Dogs that suffer from hyper keratosis and diabetes will often have dry, and in the case of hyper keratosis, hairy and calloused paws. Pododermatitis (Interdigital Dermatitis) is inflammation of the area  between the toes and footpads. Pododermatitis is a common dog skin condition often found in breeds such as English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Irish Setters, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Bull Terriers, Dachshunds, Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and more.

When, what and how to use dog paw balm

  1. Using paw balm every 3-5 days will act as a preventative and you may never experience any of the problems listed above
  2. If your dog has a pre-existing condition start with 2-3 times per day, and once better switch to maintenance mode as above
  3. Make sure the paw balm contains only natural ingredients that are safe to be licked (they will lick)
  4. A good quality balm will contain natural waxes that help to lock in moisture and also means it’s impossible to completely lick off
  5. Before applying make sure your hands and your dog’s paws are clean, then gently rub in the paw balm and distract with a treat to allow it absorb for a bit. Applying before bed is the optimal time. 

Summing up the benefits of paw balm for your dog

Prevention is always best and means you will likely avoid dealing with other irritating or painful conditions. If a condition already exists, it’s not too late and simply applying a good quality paw balm will have your dog back on his feet again. You can check out our naturally pawsome paw balm here.