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Tips & Toes 2-in-1 nose and paw balm for dogs
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Dog socks - non slip

2-in-1 nose and paw balm


Our ultra-hydrating 2-in-1 balm will soothe the snoot and pamper the paws. Soften, moisturise and nourish your dogs' dry, cracked or calloused paws or nose. Our balm is also ideal to use as a preventative measure all year round. Made from 100% premium natural and organic ingredients and safe to lick.

    How to Use: Simply massage onto your dog's nose and paws and let it absorb, we recommend distracting with a treat while it sinks in, or you can put your dog in our non-slip socks. Use frequently for best results.

    Made in Australia IconNatural and organic ingredients iconMoney back guarantee

    Fast shipping: 2-3 days Australia, 5-7 USA and 4-14 days for the rest of the world. Please allow a couple of days for packing.

    Not for use on puppies under 10 weeks old, pregnant or nursing dogs. 


    • Hemp seed oil: moisturising antioxidant, high in vitamins A, C and E, and anti inflammatory
    • Coconut oil: antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising
    • Shea butter: anti-inflammatory and healing properties, repairing and soothing
    • Jojoba oil: deep hydrating, seals in moisture, nutritious, soothes sunburn
    • Vitamin E: antioxidant, soothes dry itchy skin
    • Bees wax: heals and softens skin, antibacterial
    • Carrot seed essential oil: stimulates the growth of new tissue and new skin can result in the softening of calluses
    • Rosemary essential oil: reduces pain and inflammation
    • Lavender: soothing, healing, fights germs and bacteria
    Tips & Toes 2-in-1 nose and paw balm for dogs
    ingredient listing
    Dog socks - non slip